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Send Push Messages

Send out messages, news, promotions, offers to your public account subscribers with a simple button click. You can even schedule & reschedule messages for delivery time, and segment messages based on countries and languages preferences.

Viber Voting

Ensure a higher participation of your Viber subscribers with easy to manage polls and voting. Voting features could also be used to conduct various marketing promotions and campaigns. In contrast to traditional SMS voting, this is completely free for users .

Conduct Survey

Realizing the importance of business survey and customer verdicts, Hamro Chatbot sincerely offers brands, marketers, corporate, institutions, medias and other organizations an easy option to conduct their survey and export the data further analysis, feedback incorporation and knowledge generation for organizational growth.

News Delivery

With RSS feed, media organizations can deliver a new news reading experience to their Viber Subscribers. News integration with RSS can bet setup in less than 5 minutes and could be delivered into millions of viber subscribers in just a click of button.

Youtube Integration

Realizing the growing engagement of users into video contents and reports, Hamro Chatbot allows You tube publishers to easily integrate their channels so that viber users can watch their latest music video, songs, movies & any video contents they desire to disseminate.

Live Chat

In case the bot can't answer user's question, your customer support associate can easily chat with your viber subscriber through live chat. It can give a personal and customized touch to your customer and help develop customer relationship in a live and unorthodox way.

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  • Startup

  • Free
  • Send Push Message
  • Viber Voting
  • Conduct Contest/Survey
  • News Delivery
  • Youtube Integration
  • Upto 100,000 interaction per month

  • Pro

  • $99.00/m
  • Send Push Message with scheduling
  • Viber Voting
  • Conduct Contest/Survey
  • News Delivery
  • Youtube Integration
  • Upto 2,000,000 interaction per month

  • Enterprise

  • $199.00/m
  • Send Push Message with scheduling
  • Viber Voting
  • Conduct Contest/Survey
  • News Delivery
  • Live Chat
  • Unlimited Interaction

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About Us

Hamro ChatBot, is an innovative Viber based artificial intelligence platform in Nepal for the first time of its kind, this tech innovation enables corporates/ multinational companies, nongovernmental organizations, welfare campaigners and even government itself to disseminate messages into targeted citizens, potential customers, clients and also to receive messages from them. Viber is a globally famous default product in almost every smart devices. Hereby presenting Hamro Chatbot: a platform which is not just limited in Nepali users but this tech window will also help you grow in global market, especially to penetrate disapora communities.

Bringing your clients/customers in your doorsteps with just a simple click. Hamro Chatbot, a free platform to reach out to millions of Viber users, stimulate the brand value, leverage sales and form a lucrative common ground between you as an organization/institution and your users. With all its user friendly system and integration mechanism, this comprehensive platform Hamro Chatbot will definitely create a lucrative edge and a common ground of understanding between you and your users. Come lets grow together with Hamro Chatbot, Namastey !

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